How to use

Compost mulch

For COMPOST MULCH applications on landscaped beds, use a 50 mm (2 inch) layer of COMPOST MULCH and spread evenly using a rake. When mulching around trees, avoid excess COMPOST MULCH buildup around the trunk to reduce the risk of rodent damage. Arrange COMPOST MULCH so water drains away from the trunk. For mulching, this COMPOST MULCH is screened to 19 mm (3/4”) providing a coarse texture easy to apply and providing an even coverage of the area. Mulching should be done in late spring to early summer after clean-up of landscaped beds and the regrowth of perennials and shrubs is well established.

Soil conditioner

Flower beds

For establishing new flower beds or improving existing beds, add 10-25 mm (3/8” - 1 inch) of COMPOST SOIL CONDITIONER and rototill or mix with soil to 125 mm (5 inches) in depth. Plant and water accordingly.

Preparing flower boxes or pots

When preparing the flower boxes or pots, incorporate 1 part COMPOST SOIL CONDITIONER to 3 parts potting mix or soil and mix thoroughly.

Lawn establishment

Apply 25-50 mm (1-2 inches) of COMPOST SOIL CONDITIONER to the topsoil and rototill to a depth of 125 mm (5 inches). Rake smooth prior to installing sod or applying seeds. A light dusting of COMPOST SOIL CONDITIONER can be used to cover seeded surfaces. Irrigate as necessary.

Topdressing existing lawns

Aerate the surface using commercially available aerator. Spread 10-15 mm (3/8 - 5/8 inches) of COMPOST SOIL CONDITIONER evenly over the area and rake into grass. Water thoroughly to help COMPOST SOIL CONDITIONER move through the soil’s surface. This should be done in late summer or in the early fall.

Reconditioning existing lawns

For uneven surface having poor soil condition, spread 25-50 mm (1-2 inches) on the surface and rototill thoroughly to 125 mm (5 inches). The surface can be left for 2-3 weeks before a second rototilling is carried out. Fertilize and lime based on soil analysis. The surface can be seeded or sodded as described in “Lawn Establishment”. This procedure is easily done when the soil is dry.

Tree planting

Excavate a hole 3 to 5 times the diameter of the root ball of the tree. Incorporate 1 part COMPOST SOIL CONDITIONER to 3 parts native soil and mix thoroughly outside the hole such as a wheel barrel. Place a layer of this mix into the hole and centre root ball into the hole. The rest of the mixture has to be added around the root ball and water around the tree thoroughly.