2024-2028 GMWC Strategic Plan


Building off the successful completion of many Strategic Initiatives within the 2019-2023 GMWC Strategic Plan, GMWC staff and Commissioners worked diligently to develop the 2024-2028 GMWC Strategic Plan.

GMWC is maintaining its existing Mission and Vision Statements while building on the Organizational Values and Beliefs of Environment, Accountability, Integrity, Stakeholder Focus, Good Corporate Citizen, People & Teamwork, Health & Safety and Continuous Improvement & Innovation.

The Commission’s four Strategic Themes will provide direction to the Commission Board and staff to provide Governance, Relationships, Innovation and Sustainability. Staff commits to focusing on Strategic Initiatives directly related to enhancing financial, Infrastructure and operational sustainability while strengthening stakeholder engagement and exploring innovative processes that support resource recovery. Commissioners have committed to strengthening Governance Leadership.


Strategic Themes

TransAqua Strategic Priorities