Annual Sustainable Challenge

5 R Methodology:
1. Refuse what you do not need
2. Reduce what you do need
3. Reuse what you consume
4. Recycle what you cannot refuse
5. Rot (compost) the rest

Month Challenge
January Reusable Bags for Groceries ( Produce Bags; Grocery Totes, cloth bags)
February Reusable Water/Coffee  Bottle & Straws 
March Swap Paper Towel for reusable rags, swap sandwich baggies for containers;
April  Store Foods in Bottles or other reusable containers
May Buy in bulk or counter bringing your own reusable bags (dry goods), jars (wet items - meat, deli, fish, cheese, oil, peanut butter) and bottles for liquids (oil, soy sauce, shampoo, conditioner)
June Shop market - bring in your own egg cartons(reuse) or berry boxes; veggies are also free from plastic and stickers at markets usually
July Gardeners; Return plastic containers to nursery if not using or reuse to plant next season; Fund bulk garden centre and refill reusable sand bags with dirt, rock, compost
August Recycle clothing - Donate unworn pieces; use old clothing not suitable for donation as rags
September Sign up for electronic bills & statements
October Reinvent Leftovers before they go bad - achieve zero waste
November When using oven, keep open after done use to cool oven and heat house.
December Wrap Gifts in reusable Cloth, paper bags, recycled boxes

TransAqua and its staff are embarking on an environmental initiative to do our part in helping the environment. Please join us in taking up the Annual Sustainable Challenge in 2021 and let us know how you are doing on our Facebook and Twitter.