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Monday, May 7, 2018

RIVERVIEW, N.B. – TransAqua, the Greater Moncton Wastewater Commission, announced today that its 2018 Compost Facility Community Open House will be held on May 12th from 8am to 4pm at its compost facility located at 399 Delong Drive in Moncton.

Come help us celebrate International Compost Awareness Week (May 6 to 12) by joining us for a facility tour to learn how compost is made, a BBQ and free compost for those residents of Moncton, Dieppe and Riverview who wish to self-load compost into their own vehicles/containers. Should residents prefer not to self-load, TransAqua staff will load vehicles (i.e. non-commercial trailer and/or pickup-type truck) for a flat fee of $5 per bucket full (small tractor).

TransAqua’s compost is designated as type A or AA by BNQ (Bureau de Normalisation du Québec) or Category A by CQA –managed by Compost Council of Canada, which are the highest compost certifiable quality standards achievable in Canada.  We are happy to give back to the community. We’re looking forward to being part of Greater Moncton’s gardens and landscapes again this year.

More information regarding the quality of TransAqua’s compost can be found on TransAqua’s website at Please sign up to receive updates and information from TransAqua. Detailed product information sheets are also available at the Delong Drive compost facility. Residents may also contact the compost facility by calling 387-7977. Please note that compost is not available at TransAqua’s wastewater treatment facility in Riverview.

TransAqua, the Greater Moncton Wastewater Commission, ( was established in 1983 to support the wastewater collection and treatment needs of the Dieppe, Moncton and Riverview tri-community. Since then, it has developed a 31 kilometre collection network and a treatment facility to best deliver on this mandate. It has also become a leader in the reuse of biosolids through the generation of high quality compost as opposed to disposal in a landfill site.

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Kevin Rice

General Manager

TransAqua / Greater Moncton Wastewater Commission

(506) 387-7977

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