Bryan Inglis currently is the CEO of Food Island Partnership having been appointed August 2016.

Mr. Inglis has most recently served as Interim CEO of Co-op Atlantic. He joined Co-op Atlantic in 1986, starting his career with the Agricultural Marketing and Product Development Division.In 1996, Mr. Inglis moved to the Agricultural Division, where he served as Procurement Supervisor responsible for the grain brokerage and procurement functions.

In 2000, he was promoted to Vice-President of Agriculture, where he was responsible for Co-op Atlantic's Agricultural business including Feed, Farm Retail (Co-op Country Stores) and Grain Brokerage. In 2006, Bryan assumed the additional responsibilities for Co-op Atlantic's general merchandise and non-Co-op food business as Vice-President of Agriculture and Independent Food. In 2013, Bryan moved to Co-op Atlantic's Wholesale Food Division as acting Vice-President.

Mr. Inglis holds a diploma in Agriculture from the Nova Scotia Agricultural College and a B.Sc. in Agriculture Economics from McGill University (MacDonald College).

He is a member of the New Brunswick Institute of Agrologists and has extensive international agricultural experience. Mr. Inglis has served on the Boards of Country Ribbon Inc., IPCO Inc. and the Atlantic Council for Bioenergy Co-operative Limited, and is a past Board member of Atlantic Beef Products Inc., Atlantic Co-op Country Stores, Co-op Research Farms, and Valley Fertilizers Inc.

The Food Island Partnership is an industry-led not-for-profit partnership of businesses and government agencies dedicated to the growth of the food and culinary sectors in PEI. The food cluster builds on excellence in agriculture, fisheries and aquaculture products, and facilitates value-added opportunities that leverage our outstanding science and technology infrastructure.

 GMWC Appointment

Mr. Inglis was first appointed to the Commission effective 19 September 2016 for a four (4) year term by Moncton City Council.

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